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Times for Revival Prayer

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Times for Revival Prayer

Brothers and sisters,

This is in reference to our devotional from last week, “Praying Like Prophets.”

What is the challenge? At least one group of five people praying together for one hour per week for revival.

How do you pray for one hour? People in the group cultivate an intolerable burden for the church, our state, nation and world. The people in the group pray with deep awareness of their own sin and need for Christ. The people in the group take turns praying as long or as often as they wish.

What are we praying for? The prayer requests would always be the same: an outpouring of God’s Spirit, the lost, church planting/church renewal efforts, and world missions.

When could we pray? When it works. Possible times could be:
9am-10am Lord’s Day mornings (our Sunday School will cancel over the summer)
After church Lord’s Day evenings
Saturday mornings
Saturday evenings
Weekday mornings before work
Weekday lunches

Why should we do this? Because we are not pessimists! Jesus is on his throne, securing his victory through the fervent prayers and labors of his people. We need millions of conversions across our land. We will not see this many conversions without the Holy Spirit’s power. We will not see his power of this magnitude until we pray. Jesus will honor our corporate declaration of dependence.

“…for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”
Isaiah 11:9

Here are some audios from Al Baker, who serves with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship and will be here August 26-28 to do evangelistic work.

"The Intolerable Burden"--http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=428151244364

"Modeled Revival Prayer"--http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=42815125654

"Ten Marks of a Revival Culture"--http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=428151247277

"How to Make Your Church a House of Prayer for the Nations"--http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=428151248579

Press on,