Welcome to Redeemer Presbyterian (PCA) Amarillo, TX

A Timeless Story: Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Amarillo, Texas



Below you will find some frequently asked questions. Of course, if you have a question that is not represented below, you are invited to contact us via our Contact Us page.

What do you believe?

We believe in the essential Christian faith passed down through history.  Our beliefs are summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.

What should I expect when I visit?

When you visit, expect to find people dressed in jeans and suits.  Children of all ages attend the worship service, but feel free to take your youngest children to a nursery where they will be lovingly cared for during the service.  The worship service will be spirited and reverent.  The Bible will be read, sung, prayed, preached, and heard.  Expect your mind to be engaged, your affections warmed, and your will challenged by the Word of God.  We use the English Standard Version of the Bible, and sing from the Trinity Hymnal and Trinity Psalter. Above all, when you come worship with us, expect God to be in our midst.

What about childcare?

We have a nursery for children three and under.

How can I get involved?

You have several options.  If you would like to serve in the areas of hospitality, prayer, childcare, teaching, planning meals, providing snacks, setting up for church, or sweeping crumbs, we have a place for you.

What if I am not Presbyterian?

Neither was the pastor’s family until a few years ago.  Redeemer exists to glorify God by spreading the Gospel throughout the city of Amarillo and the Panhandle.  We are committed to Presbyterianism because of our convictions about God’s Word, but we heartily welcome people of any denomination or spiritual background.  We welcome any who have questions about God, the world around us, the Bible, the existence of truth, the experience of sin, or the reality of the world to come.  None of us have it all together, which is why we at Redeemer are hungry for God and His Word.

What is your worship like?

We have a timeless message, so we worship with timeless methods.  At Redeemer, we seek to establish a worship service that is focused on God, not ourselves.  We gather to worship Him and celebrate what He has done for us.  This means that our worship will be governed by what God has said to Man through the Bible.  It is a Word-centered service.  In other words, we read the Bible, sing the Bible, preach the Bible, and pray prayers saturated with Biblical language. Our message is timeless, and so is our music.  We sing Psalms and Scriptural hymns that are marinated with Scriptural themes and the message of Jesus Christ.  You will hear a Scriptural sermon that will challenge you to think and respond to what God has done through His Son, Jesus Christ.  We celebrate the Lord’s Supper once per month.  We seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit as He fuels our affections and engages our minds with God’s Word.  Christian worship keeps things simple—when you visit, we want God’s message to have a direct impact on your soul.  This is how people find God, families are strengthened, and believers are discipled.

Are there people my age at Redeemer?

More than likely, yes!  Regular Redeemer folk span the generations.  We thank God that everyone is not the same age!  The generations of God’s people learn from each other, and makes for a unified fellowship.

Isn’t church just a place for self righteous people to grumble and complain about the world?

Good question.  Sadly, our world is full of sinners.  You and I live in a world where things are not right.  The Church is made up of people who have pledged their life to Jesus Christ.  They have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus.  However, cleansed people still sin.  They will at times grumble and complain about small matters.  At Redeemer, we are well aware of and honest about our short comings and weaknesses.  We confess these sins through prayer every Lord's Day, and we depend on the promises of the Gospel for forgiveness of those sins.   The Church will never be perfect this side of heaven.  But the Church is still the Church.  She is the blood-bought bride of the Son of God.   Christ loved the Church enough to die for her.  The least we can do is love her enough to be patient with her.